Restore Our Faith in Government

Mark Smith will be an agent of change in Columbia and a leader of whom we can be proud. 

As Town Council member, Mark donated his council salary to local non-profits that assist local children, families and seniors. 

For too long, many elected officials have treated their positions of authority as means to line their pockets and climb the political ladder. 

Mark has lead by example. He will be an agent of change. 

Mark will work to advance ethics reform and support efforts to shakeup the way power is garnered in Columbia. 

Grow Our Economy

Mark is a successful businessman who supports many Charleston and Berkeley County jobs.  

He knows firsthand how government can help — and how it can hurt — job growth. 

Mark will focus on growing our economy by cutting government red tape and freeing up businesses to thrive. 

He will support business startup/incubator activities and do what he can to help the local entrepreneur ecosystems to organize and mature. 

Mark will also advocate for greater workforce development and readiness programs, so South Carolina residents are prepared for the jobs of today and the future.   

Protect Our Tax Dollars

Mark Smith has never voted to raise taxes or fees on Mt Pleasant Town Council. 

Like you, he’s tired of seeing tax and fee increases with no major improvement in services to note. 

Mark will continue to ensure the needs of South Carolina citizens are put ahead of the wants of certain longtime politicians.  

He will fight to protect our tax dollars and cut wasteful spending. 

And Mark pledges to introduce legislation to eliminate the state income tax for veterans. 

Take Real Action on Infrastructure Improvements

Mark will fight for responsible infrastructure improvements that ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent wisely. 

We need to build the infrastructure to handle our state’s growth, while repairing the many crumbling roads and bridges that threaten our safety. 

As a municipal elected official, Mark Smith led the efforts to realize infrastructure improvements, including the securing of a million dollar improvement donation from private industry.  

As our State Representative, Mark will fight tirelessly to see that infrastructure improvements are based on need, shorten the roughly 3-5 year permitting process for funded infrastructure projects, and ensure full transparency on our tax dollars spent on said projects. 

Provide Quality Education Opportunities for Our Children

Mark Smith believes strongly that every child deserves an opportunity for a quality education regardless of the zip code he or she lives in. 

As a job-creating businessman, Mark knows that there are real opportunities for local residents, if they have a quality education. 

As a strong supporter of many local education-based charities, Mark puts his money where his mouth is. 

As our State Representative, Mark will walk the walk when it comes to supporting school choice and expanded opportunities for all families to send their children to schools that best fit their children’s needs and learning styles. 

And, Mark will work to expand training opportunities in our high schools, vocational and technical school to ensure the next generation is properly prepared for the Lowcountry jobs of today and tomorrow. 

Fully Restore Our Local Government Funds


While the State Legislature has not raised income taxes in some time, their failure to fully fund local governments have caused many municipalities and counties to raise taxes over the past few years to cover core services. 

As a Member of Town Council, Mark has never voted to raise taxes or fees. Rather, Mark has worked to create business-minded, common-sense, conservative solutions to budgetary issues in order to do more for less for his constituents. 

As our State Representative, Mark will utilize his experience with municipal government to push his peers in the State House to fully fund local governments. 

Keep our Citizens Safe

Whether it is our senior citizens or our youth, all people - especially our most vulnerable - should be protected. 

As Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the South Carolina Office of Aging, Mark Smith has is a strong voice of reason of ways to protect senior citizens from fraud, neglect and abuse. And, as a municipal elected official, Mark has always supported our law enforcement officers and voted to provide LEOs with the proper equipment to keep them and our communities safe. 

 As our State Representative, Mark will lead the charge to keep our seniors, working families and communities safe; fight the opioid and heroin epidemic; and ensure our law enforcement officers have the training and equipment to best allow them to return home safely at the end of each shift.